Bleeding brakes PLEASE help!

I know there is TONS of bleeding brakes threads on here, I've searched and have not found the answer to my question, so here it goes.

My brakes were pretty spongy when i got the bike, left it alone.

Yesterday I put a new set of brake pads on, and I thought well while im din this i might aw well bleed them to get them nice and firm. So i took the mastercylinder cap off and topped it off, then continued to bleed my brakes by holding in the lever, then just crackin open the bleeder, then closing it again, then letting the lever out, and repeating.

I did this until my brake fluid was nice and clean coming out at the bleeder.

Turns out it didnt help AT ALL and if anything it got a little worse.

So i put a master cylinder off of a kx250 that i had layin around (witch i know worked excellent when taken off the bike) on there, and repeated what i did, it had a slightly better feel, but still crappy, so i took the caliper off and gravity bleed them while tapping the line to get bubbles movin.

no luck, next step i busted out the good ol' vaccuum bleeder with about the same luck as gravity bleedin them.

Right now i got them as good as i can get them and ive gone through almost a bottle of brake fluid with no luck, right now i have the lever ziptyed to the bar in hopes of tomorrow it firming up for me..

any ideas??


if you have one of the older yz's(pre 05) then you will have to take the system off of the bike to bleed it properly as air will get caught in the stupid loop at the bottom round the forks. You can also try to leave a bungee cord on you lever holding it to the bars overnight.

sorry didn't see the part about the zip-tie :applause:

I had the same problem with my '00 after installing a SS line and then bleeding it. I zip-tyed mine overnight and it was plenty firm by the next morning. :applause:

alright i'll check it in the mornin and hopefully she'll be good.

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