04 YZF450 Coolant leak

If anyone could help me out with this it would be great. I've got a 04 YZF 450 with about 50-60 hours on it. I took it out last weekend and let it warm up after a few minutes coolant started coming out of the overflow then steam. Could this be becuase the bike wasn't moving? I've never seen it do this before. I checked the impeller on the water pump and it seemed fine.

It takes my '04 less than three minutes to start spitting coolant when it just sits still at idle. They need to move to stay cool. No worries.

It doesn't take long for them to overheat sitting still. Even water cooled engines need air moving across the radiators to remove heat.

I agree with the other guys, I have a 2004 yz 450f also, and if I'm riding a hot day creeping thru tight woods, the bike would occasionally start spitting coolant out. I switched the coolant from standard Antifreeze/water combo to "Engine Ice", and I've never had the problem happen again. But it is normal if you idle too long, or are moving really slow, that you will get some overflow.

Thanks for the info. I bought some Engine Ice and I'll run that from now on. Thanks

i have a 04 yz450f 2 n last time i rode same thing happened, i changed the regular coolant to engine ice.. best stuff u can ever put in the radiator. i only start mine when im fully dressed ready to go, n i leit idle for only bout a minute, then i just go easy on it for 5 or so minutes, then i go nuts.. just dont idle for more than 2-3 minutes, itll get hot.

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