Leak Jet ????????? ??????????

Ok Went to the Yamaha shop, Asked for leak jets. They looked at me this deer in the headlights look. They had no idea what I was talking about . Is there another name for a leak jet, or where is it at in the carb??? Someone said to solder it closed on T.T. does it work???

Don't bother going through a dealer as the parts counter guy is no smarter than a sack of hammers. Order it by part number, not name. Bike Bandit or Zanotti's will have the best price online if you have a few things to order along with it...SC


4MX-14943-42-00 .JET, MAIN (#175)

4MX-14943-40-00 .JET, MAIN (#165)

4MX-14943-91-00 .JET, MAIN (#168)

4MX-14943-41-00 .JET, MAIN (#170)

4MX-14943-92-00 .JET, MAIN (#172)

4MX-14943-93-00 .JET, MAIN (#178)

4MX-14943-89-00 .JET, MAIN (#158)

4MX-14943-39-00 .JET, MAIN (#160)

4MX-14943-90-00 .JET, MAIN (#162)

4MX-14943-88-00 .JET, MAIN (#152)

4MX-14943-38-00 .JET, MAIN (#155)


4MX-14948-06-00 .JET, SLOW (#48)

4MX-14948-04-00 .JET, SLOW (#42)

4MX-14948-05-00 .JET, SLOW (#45)

4MX-14948-07-00 .JET, SLOW (#50)

4MX-14948-01-00 .JET, SLOW (#35)

4MX-14948-02-00 .JET, SLOW (#38)

4MX-14948-03-00 .JET, SLOW (#40)


3TJ-1494F-13-00 .JET (#65)

3TJ-1494F-12-00 .JET (#62)

3TJ-1494F-14-00 .JET (#68)

3TJ-1494F-15-00 .JET (#70)

3TJ-1494F-16-00 .JET (#72)

3TJ-1494F-17-00 .JET (#75)

3TJ-1494F-20-00 .JET (#82)

3TJ-1494F-18-00 .JET (#78)

3TJ-1494F-19-00 .JET (#80)


5TA-14943-27-00 .JET, MAIN (#100)

5TA-14943-15-00 .JET, MAIN (#70)


4JT-1494F-19-00 .JET (#80)

4JT-1494F-15-00 .JET (#70)

4JT-1494F-23-00 .JET (#90)

4JT-1494F-03-00 .JET (#40)

4JT-1494F-07-00 .JET (#50)

4JT-1494F-11-00 .JET (#60)

4JT-1494F-27-00 .JET(#100)

4JT-1494F-01-00 .JET (#35)

I think the official name is: "Accelerator pump jet". But most dealers wont have them, or know what they are. Their is 1 out of about 5 in the Denver area that stocks them.

trust me, the dealerships and the mechanics that work at them know less about your bike than you do...

and DEFINITELY less than the collective TT hive-mind does.

I went to the local dealer a few months ago and they guy refused to order it for me saying that they rejet WRs all the time and they never touch em, so I would mess it up if I did.

Found another dealer to go to, and found the TT store

The guy refused to order a part???!!!??? :applause::D ...SC

Soldered my leak jet closed best thing i ever did bike runs great.

Guys, if you don't want to solder your leak jet, use a #8 machine screw (same threads) just cut it short. I also put an oring on mine for some reason? But anything to block the leak jet. I still need to work on the A/P . I still get a bog on an extremely quick wide open whack of the throttle. Even though you rarely go from complete idle to wide open while riding.

Yup, he refused to order the part. I think he thought it wasn't worth the paper work for the $2 sale, so he gave me the you shouldn't mess with those jets speech, we don't here at Yamaha

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