Unabiker Rad guards

I know I shouldn't be saying this since Unabiker sponsors TT but when me and my dad installed my rad guards they were a PAIN. First of all we started by installing the right side first and that side the rad isn't damaged at all so we thought it would be a breeze. First off the holes for the front part were a 1/2 inch off fitting on the outside flange. So we installed the back and had to shove with a two by four to get the bolts in then when we looked at it it was so far off that the radiator was being pulled way back by the guards so that the instalation of the shroud would be impossible. So we took it off and my dad used his magical fitment wand(2 by 4) and got it relatively close. (He's not a backyard mechanic He's actually a very experienced engineer and technician so he knew what he was doing) Then we moved to the other side and it was twice as back because the radiator is slightly bent. And to top it all off when I put it back together the shrouds were still WAY far off even with all the tweaking we had done so I just said screw it and bolted it up and now the shroud has a huge bend in it from the mounting point being pulled back. In all it took almost 3 hours also my dad put a set on his WR because we ordered them together and his bike is in like new condition and his fit horribly also. I would suggest against them unless you are very good at tweaking. The only upsides are is they look pretty cool and they protect very well but the fit is horrible.

Well this sucks, I was about to order some after smashing a radiator lately...

My WC guards fit perfect if your unsure of the Unabikers. Great side and bottom protection and they let you keep the stock plastic front vents for good air flow.

I had the Devols on my WR400 and didn't like the cages. Seemed to obstruct airflow and weren't sturdy enough for a good side hit from the bike going down.

MSR makes a great guard for only $31.95. They bolt over the front of the radiators, they have great side impact resistance, this I can speak w/conviction!! They are easy to install, they also do not impair air flow and have also saved my radiator from a branch that would have found it's way past the plastic ones.

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