Mod Advice - Tank/Seat Combo

I am planning on switching out the tank and seat on my 2000 WR400. Does anyone have a recommendation on which set-up works best (factory yz tank/seat, Acerbics, IMS, or another)? What complications (if any) should I be aware of?

I am also planning on removing my headlight and was wondering if I should pull the whole thing and replace with a YZ number plate?

As far as comfort, the stock YZ tank is the best, but you'll give up range. The IMS 3.4gal tank is about as thin as the stock YZ, but holds a gallon more. The Acerbis tank is really nice, but alittle pricey.

Seat wise, the SDG seat is the best choice, being ready to install, and way cheaper than stock.

If you plan on removing the headlight, you'll need to remove the odometer as well. For weight savings, replacing the rear fender is way better than replacing the front, and is much more streamlined.

I 2nd the clarke setup!!! Search for a post about Clarke tanks with Ron From SoCal in it. He's got some good pictures posted of his ride with the tank!!

Can't vouch for the Clarke, never used one. But, I do have a stock YZ tank/SDG seat combo and love it. It feels like a completely different bike! I don't need the range and much prefer the smaller feel of the bike in general.

The SDG seat is great if you like sitting on a piece of granite.

If you get a YZ tank, get a 98 or 99. The '00 and later have been known to crack!

I built my own seat, with an IMZ YZ base ($40), Guts racing soft foam (heavenly!!) at about $50-55, then a One industries grippy cover that matches the graphics.

Get a grippy seat cover if you can. These really help to hold you on the bike and actually help your arms stay fresher, longer.

Also, if you're tall, get the tall seat foam-the transition from sitting to standing will be much easier.

Good luck, I've also heard the SGB or whatever seat is very hard! The stock YZ seat is also quite hard! If comfort is an issue, it may make sense to build your own soft foam seat. An electric staple gun and a little patience is required, but the payoff is a comfortable seat that pays your back every time you ride.

Good luck!


I had two different ones from Guts on my Husaberg. Nice covers. They have more of a "sheen" to them than the rough gripper covers, look better & don't get the dirt ground in like the rough covers. But, still have directional grip pattern that works. Held up very well!


Thanks for the info. I was looking at the Tall seat.


WRFUN...Guts Tall w/ gripper cover is extremely comfortable. Have done a few 100+ mile days on it with no monkey butt :) . I am considering a YZ seat/tank combo though(cause I can't touch ground with the tall foam) so if you're interested in buying a whole seat assy., let me know. No tears, a little wear on the "Yamaha" logos printed on the side. This is the exact set up from the Guts site except I got it from Devol, so their logo is across th back instead of Guts. :D


Thanks for the offer to sell, but at this time I'm not in the market for a seat. I just bought a new exhuast and I need to have my suspension revalved next. I will keep you in mind when I'm ready.Thanks :)


Not a problem WRFUN....keep it in mind if you're interested. My bike's getting put away for the year in exchange for snowmobile season so it'll be under wraps til spring. :)

ONE ind. is selling complete seats now as well. A Chapparral flyer had them for 85$ (i think) a little more than the sdg, but they hanve colored sides, and a gripper top. ONE's # is 858-874-5760

i know it's taken me a long time but yesterday i found out that the clarke tank is letting me down. correction; any 3 gallon tank would let me down.

i did 4 hours straight off (2 mins for fuel and water) and i was completely ****ed at the end. i came to the conclusion that although i was getting forward for the first bend, if it flowed into another i was slipping down and back and then the bike would handle differently.

i have a '99 and was under the impression that a IMS, Ty Davis or clark tank gave you the 3 gal capacity AND YZ ergo's. not anymore.

for out and out racing and a clear advantage you need the YZ tank. if you're east coast or in europe like me and you don't do any straight 3 hour it's got to be a YZ tank every time.


i can't get my leg down near the front wheel. am i the only person to notice this? am i the only rider who rides in mud and wants a narrow, low top tank that droops to hold more fuel but even lower?


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