Fun with starter button/switches

I went to the local honda dealer today to pick up some new grips. On the way home I stopped somewhere to do some shopping and the bike would not start. 03 650L Hmmm...what the heck is going on. I've only owned the bike for a week and its been fine. I found someone to pushstart me and continued my ride home. My first thought was the battery although it was ok. Hey, why isnt my headlight on when I turn the key on. This is weird. Why does my headlight turn on and off when I wiggle the starter button? Even stranger. Well to make a long story short the starter button contact and everything associated with it went out. I tore the whole assembly apart and put a shim under the button starter plunger to get the contacts to work. I also had to wire some of the wires together to get the headlight to stay on. When starting the bike the headlight is purposely shut off to give the starter some extra amps. It still starts fine with the leads hotwired for the light. The only thing I can think of that caused this would be that the previous owner did not store the bike in the garage and this caused the starter button assembly to prematuely fail. Living in Wi where stuff thaws during the day and freezes at night is really hard on switches. How could someone let this beautiful machine sit out in the elements. Oh well, its beyond me....Oh yeah, the new assembly will only cost me $37, not bad. :applause:

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