'06 L still available from factory?



I screwed around and someone bought the last 650'L from my small town shop this week.


I ask one of the salesman if they could get another, and he said "yes", but it would take a week or two to get there??? Can shops still order the 650L anytime like that or is there a fixed quantity...sold to dealers, then factory starts on the '07's???

Because I don't live in a metro area, their OTD price is $6247....do you think this is TOO MUCH?

I payed 6600 out the door for my 06'

Tax registration , etc...

Some times they will find one at another dealer and work something out.

$5799.00 is MSRP and mine was $6200.00 even out the door (MSRP + TTL). They are still making the XR650L in '07 - there's a link to a Honda web page in one of the forums that shows this. Not sure if there is a price increase or not. As someone pointed out, they can usually get one from another dealer but that can drive the price up a bit. I experienced this with a dealer here in Texas. They wanted an additional $500 "transfer fee". I knew my local dealer was expecting one in a shipment, so I waited it out.

Found web page: http://hondanews.com/CatID7174

I bought mine at Criswell Honda in Gaithersburg MD in September and paid $5799. delivered incl. taxes tags & title. They beat everyones price I could find. We have a dealer right here in my hometown named Twiggs and they wanted $6299. before T,T&T! I wouldnt buy from them if they were the ONLY dealer in the world! The new 07 price is $5849.00 MSRP

Exciting new race inspired graphics !!!

thats the only thing changed in the last umpteen years.

I was going to buy new myself, then found a one owner bike 11mos. old with only 600mi and scored it for $4000.00 cash with a free helmet and very nice fitted bike cover.

So you may want to buy a Cycle Trader and look around on Ebay as well.

My bike was only 6mi from my house as well :applause:

He Shoots.. HE SCORES !

My favorite feature:

42.5mm constant-velocity carburetor offers crisp throttle response, excellent driveability and maximum power.


If you buy used, you don't get the complimentary one year membership to HRCA - that's the real bene. :applause:

Because I don't live in a metro area, their OTD price is $6247....do you think this is TOO MUCH?

Hard to say. Just for comparison, in a metroploitan area, I paid $5700, including all costs, OTD.

Thanks for the replies..........

I played that "ordering a NEW XR650L' at Big Valley Motorsports in Reno, NV a few years back ... gave them $1000 down payment, waited for several months for my new bike ... being a longhaul truckdriver, I saw almost every Honda dealer I visited across the USA, all had a new one on the floor ... finally, a few of the dealers confided in me how it works : ... Honda dealers order the new bikes at the outset of the new model releases ... that's ALL they get, until ALL orders nationwide are filled ... THEN, and ONLY then, they MIGHT send additional bikes ... this was told to me by several different Honda dealers, who came right out and called my dealer a liar, so if its wrong, blame them, not me ... the Sales (liar) Manager, who dragged me out for about 6 months, refunded my deposit when I confronted him with those facts, never even denied he was trying to stall me until the new ones came out ... hope that helps a bit ...


Don't you just HATE salesmen??

I had a bad thing happen in 1999 at the local Yamaha dealer when I was trying to buy a WR400. By the time the bike was there, the OTD price was jacked up to $7200, despite our 6-month old agreement of $6200. I pulled my deposit, went to Big Valley Honda and picked up a 1999 CR 500R new with Scotts Stabilizer, USFS silencer, Pro taper bars for $6400 out the door.

The Ironic thing:

The salesman that I dealt with at the local Yamaha dealership is now at Big Valley Honda. He's been there for more than a few years now. He's a lying POS! I refuse to talk to any of them, except Rich Thorwaldson Jr.

I know for sure that if you want the excellent service the Big Valley Honda was built on, you will need to talk to Richard Thorwaldson Jr, or Lane Kolbet in parts.

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