Front Rotor Guard Wanted for 06 WR450f

Does anyone make just the rotor (disk) guard that works with the stock fork guards? I have always liked this look and it will help keeping the mud off it also.

Thanks guys, I love the second one, and you say it will fit WR like you said it only lists YZ. does anyone have either one of these on their bikes so i can take a look?

I just ordered one today. My friend has one on an earlier YZ and it is a well made piece. Cycra makes some good plastic and great handguards, I don't think you can lose ordering one.

I think I will order one, Im waiting to hear back to see if they have a canadian dealer first though.

anyone know if the cycra will fit an 04 wr450? i know that the forks are sm aller diameter than the 05 & 06 but hopefully the mounting is the same. thanks in advance.

Devol makes a nice aluminum one...

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