New PIG gets her first bath

I just came back from the first ride on my new, uncorked PIG. HOLY CRAP :prof: is it one freaking powerful bike. What a hoot to ride. A bud (on his 450SX) took me out to some woods trails near by and we did about a 10 km loop for my break-in ride. A bit of water, a bit of mud, some climbs and some single track. I only dumped her twice. Once on a steep climb that I kinda screwed up on, and once when I gave her a bit too much juice on a muddy turn. The front wheel found a small tree at trails edge and I went over the bars :D . Unharmed though other than sore nuts from the big tank :prof: . God this thing is a blast, and at 6'4" and 210 lbs I felt it was perfect size for me. Just thought I'd share my joy :applause: .



.'re making me jealous....

I'm still shopping....

try this link. I think I buggered up the first one.


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