Going to rejet this weekend...

This Saturday I will be finally unleashing the inner beast from the WR. I will be cutting the grey wire, replacing the throttle stop with the YZ, doing the BK mod and rejet using the following settings:

#168 main jet

#48 pilot jet

#100 pilot air jet

OBELN needle on clip 4

and approximately 1 turn out on the screw.

I found these recommended settings given by James Dean for another rider at <1000 ft and thought I'd give it a try.

My main questions are these:

If I still have the stock exhaust, plugged, and airbox intact should I modify these settings?

If I plan to get another plug for the exhaust (any suggestions would be appreciated) would I eventually need to remove the airbox lid or should I just do it now? (I need to meet the 94dB limit regardless of exhaust mods).

Any helpful tips on doing this would be graciously accepted. Thanks a bunch, I'll let you know how it turned out.

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Those jet settings look to me like airbox lid off w/ exhaust restrictor removed.

have you changed to YZ timing? I have a feeling the settings you described will work much better or a YZ timed engine!

I could not get the bike to respond well with either a restricted exhaust OR the airbox lid. Removing them both will yield the largest change.

Hey Pooley,

Will be doing the same jetting for my 01 wr

as soon as my needle jet comes in( hopefully

tomorrow ). Have already done the grey wire, throttle stop, lid, and baffle long time ago.

Let me know how it goes for you.



JD recommended almost Identical settings for me at roughly the same altitude with a couple of exceptions for my 99 WR400F:W/E-series (S-Bend)Exhaust

Needle: OBDTM-3 to OBEKN-3

Main: #168 to #170

PAJ #75 to #100

PJ #45 to #48

PS 1 1/4 to No Change

Jets and the needle cost me $34.50.....I'm going to set mine up this weekend as well.

Good Luck

Bonzai :)

Pooly, same needle here. If it sputters at constant throttle, keep lowering the needle (raise clip to #3). Clip 4 was very rich for me and one position make a big diffence. Yes, the exhaust should be unplugged, if you want ANY additional performance.

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