2003 YZ450F kick start locked up 2

Im updating this from my previous thread, "I have a 2003 YZ450 that I was riding and all of a sudden it cut off and when I tried to kick it it was real ruff and then the kickstart locked up.So I thought it was crank bearings so i tore the engine down and couldnt find anything wrong. Put it all back together it cranked 2nd kick Idled there for about five min. and shut off and the kick starter locked up again. So I thought maybe the compression release is stuck so I took the plug out and it still wouldnt move. So then I took the crank cap off and turned it over fine by the crank and then the kick start would move again but then locked up again. So before tearing it down again i was wondering if you brilliant bike guys would give me some insight and help thanks,Chris" Know the bike will crank and idle great, rev great everything but it will only do that for about a min then it will shut off. then you try to crank it. and it starts getting harder to kick and it will lock up after about the third kick.

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