Found an 04 WR450 at a used car lot

Of all places I found a really clean 04 at a used car lot. The bike appears to be all stock with the exception of a larger insert in the exaust. They are asking $4,995. I told them they were about a grand over blue book and they immediatly dropped to $4,500. How low do you think they would actually go? Better question; what do you guys think the going price is for a real clean stock 04 WR450?

very clean. $4000usd

A clean WR450f will go between $3500-$4000 in California.

I just payed 4600 for mine but already has all the extras. So i figured the extra 600 bucks seals the deal.

I just bought an 04 yesterday for $4,200. THis bike literally looks like I just rolled it out of the showroom and has less than 400 miles on it. I searched hard and found 03s going for $3000-$3800 and 04s going for $4000-5000. I'm feeling really good having seen the condition of others that sold for $500+ more. I'd try to get them down close to $4k but if it's really clean than you're pretty darn close to a good deal even at that price.

4000 for a clean 04 is a good deal.

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