Man...What did I just do?

After test driving a friend's KLX 300R last week I decided to go out on a limb and trade my two Polaris Atv's for a brand new 01 KLX 300R for my adopted "wanna be" son to ride when we hit the woods. Money wise it was a good trade as both atv's together booked out even for the KLX and I didn't have to put any cash into the deal.

And, up until 15 minutes ago when I visited the Kawasaki board and found out that it's going to cost me $85.00 to replace a factory defective Idler gear, $75.00 to replace a Factory defective shift star, and $350.00 to replace a crap carb for a pumper unit.

Well it's too late to cancel the deal, so I guess I'm into this money pit for the long haul. I was ready to trash the stock bars, exhaust, grips, and levers.

This makes me very happy that I chose my WR 400 as my primary mode of Fun. Atleast the important mods on Big Blue were free.

Mabe I should have chosen the beat up 2000 KX 250 with the blown fork seal that was the same price......

Live and learn.....

Bonzai :)

Why aren't they being replaced by KAW if they are factory defective?

I have been thinking of talking my wife into this bike over the XR250R. I figure it would be a much more fun bike for me when my WR is down for mntc. Plus they are practically giving these things away now. What is the story on these defective parts?

Some of the idler gears tend to come apart in stock form. If seen pictures but never talked to anyone it actually happoned to. The shift star is suppost to be nice and I may do it, however I usually start in second so I never see that second gear slip. I love my KLX (and @ 145 lbs to much bigger of a stroker would have far out weighed me) because it is just easy to ride. OIne of these days you may even see me race it around here. (Even with all my hop up mods I still have less in my bike then my dad has in his WR by far) :)

if i was just hitting the trail i'd still have one of those green eyed monsters. lovely little bike.

doesn't hang about BUT, if you want to race one there is nothing you wouldn't change.


Even with the stck carb i was still keeping up w/ my brothers CR250 on some of the straights. I belive that one could race and win with the carb and header and suspension re-valve. Even in a wide open track the KLX has that 6 speed gear box that I think is even overdrive. See now you guys got me all emotional and worked up over this. Have a great day.


I had two long talks with Kawasaki this afternoon, First with a Senior Maintenance tech that privately and "Off The Record" confirmed that the problem with the idler gear could be serious if it let go, and another talk with a factory rep again "Off the Record" that said that Kawasaki knows that there is a problem with the shift star and the Idler Gear, he like everyone else, pointed me to Stroker for the fix. It also appears that this past spring when Kawasaki hauled a few dirt bike reps to the woods for trials there were problems with the KLX coming out of gear due to problems with the Star. I checked out the latest maintenance updates with my local dealer.....As of today's date no recall for any defective parts on the KLX 300R. What a Surprise......No wonder they are getting into bed with SUZUKI. All the good engineers went to YAMAHA.

This should be fun....Oh well here we go....

Bonzai :)

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