YZ426 Flywheel & Cam Upgrade

I am thinking of putting a flywheel weight on my YZ426F 2000 model and maybe the 450 cam upgrade. Are these mods really worth while? I mostly trail / enduro type ride so less stalling and easier starting would be a huge benefit. Are there any brands / kits better than others for this mod? Is there anything else to look out for? Best Australian supplier?


I'm looking to import a 450 exhaust cam from TT. It will cost approx $160 delivered.

If you want cheap OEM parts in Oz... check out Mick Hone in Melbourne. The guys name is Steve, just call them or email parts@mickhone.com.au . I saved 30-40% off Yamaha RRP when buying gearbox parts. They are really prompt with delivery too.

Tell Steve that Andrew from Perth sent you!


Thanks for that I will give them a call. Did you buy yours privately or through TT parts shop?

Never did the cam mod but the flywheel weight made my '02 a much better woods machine. Less stalling but more important, smoother power delivery to the back wheel. :applause:


I havent bought the CAM yet. Steve should be able to give you a good price.


The 450 cam in my 426 was the best thing I ever did. I makes starting the bike easy. Not that my bike was hard to start, but now it is EASY.

Do the cam first. Then if you're still stalling it do the flywheel weight.

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