Troubles while removing the Pulser coil :(

I removed the left hand engine cover to remove the stator to mod it as per Baja-Designs spec that came with their DS kit. I could not get the two allen screws loose holding down the pulser coil. I ended up stripping them out, Had to drill the heads off them and replace them, then of course the drill slipped and i broke a peice out of the cover on the pulser coil. man was i P|$#ed. I ended up crazy gluing the peice back in and melted the crack with a solder iron, then done the stator mod and put it all back together and it actually worked, :applause: I was wondering if anyone else had problems getting these two particular screws out?

Your first mistake was getting a kit from Baja Designs. It seems the WR kit is notorious for its poor design and function. Many have gone with the Trick Dual Sport kit and have been very happy with it. The quality and customer service is unmatched from what I've heard. If it's not too late, maybe you can send the BD kit back and get the Trick...SC

I Had my friend hold the case and I did it with a ratchet hitting it with my hand kind of impact style. They were in tight! My big problem is that the hi/lo switch stopped working the third time I rode it. only hi comes on now. This weekend on my first offraod ride with the kit on, the plat holder vibrated and cracked in half, dropping my new license plate.

John in Vegas

hehe, funny you should mention the liscence plate bracket as mine fell off today, same thing, and my signal lights stopped working and they it blew the fuse and nothing worked, I thought from what i read ( i researched this here ) that baja designs was the largest company that made these kits and they were ok. I am now very disapointed with it forsure. I will be calling them back tomorrow and vent a little to them.

Did they do anything about your liscence plate bracket breaking off? or the high/low beam switch??

had the same problem w/ my plate mount. glad thats all i bought from bd. it lasted me 3 rides and of course i never found it. can't remember the new one i bought but it's held up way longer w/ no cracks yet. do a search for plate mount and several will pop up. mine was made in wa state and is nice. scotts and 4 strokesonly sell another if i remember right.

They wanted me to send the switch back so they could inspect it and send me another one. I wound up buying another one and they said they would credit my account when I return the old one. We will see what happens about that. As for the license plate, some how it hit the tire and wedged itself between the tire and swing arm, so I didnt loose that, but I am still not too happy about it. I guess it will be a race to see who gets a hold of them first in the morning.

John in Vegas

I was wondering if anyone else had problems getting these two particular screws out?

Yes, I had a heck of a time getting those screws out. I was lucky, I only ruined one cheap wrench and not the screws or case.

I emailed BD yesterday, still no response yet, i will call them after work (on dinner break now)

I installed the kit Sunday and yes the 2 bolts were very tight. I used a long allen wrench with the short part on the top and used a 18" breaker bar to "break" them free. I also used a rag to cover the and hold the case so not to break it or cut myself on the sharp edges if it slipped. Luckly I had no problems (yet)

glad to hear you guys never had the problem i did, it was a pain in the @$$

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