2000 WR400 Jetting and Carb questions.

I live at close to sea level, running a Pro Moto exhaust insert, throttle screw trimmed, WR timing, grey wire not disconnected JD Blue Needle in 3rd position and 168 main jet.Pilot about 2 turns. With the exception of very slight popping on decel it runs very good and the plug shows a nice tan color. Temps have been moderate (50 to 80 f)

In a few weeks I'm hauling her to Eureka Nevada and riding between 5000-7000 feet in elevation. I dont expect temps to rise above 90 deg. F. What changes should I make as a starting point?

Also I noticed a lot of TT'ers are using Zip Ty or other pilot screws, what is the advantage to these aftermarket screws?

The long fuel screws are easy to adjust on the trail The only difference is I run the stock needle in the 3 position with a 165 main I have been riding from about 3500 ft. 7000 up at stonyford and cc camp in Calif.

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