Fenders & side panels

I`d like to know if the rear & front fenders of a YZ400 98` will fit perfectly on my WR 98`. Also I`d like to know if they have the same side panels as I`d like to buy some background stickers for them but I can`t seem to find one made for the WR but I found some for the YZ.


The side panels will fit on there but you will have to cut out some of the plastic ribs on the overflow side so that the pannel will sit flush. It isn't that big of a deal. Front and rear fenders will go on with no problem. Decal Works may be able to help you out with custom backgrounds and numbers for the WR. Are you leaving the WR light on? If not all you need are YZ backgrounds and numbers. Good Luck

Thanks for the info

If you are putting a number plate up front, you could update to the newer '00-'01 number plate and fender.

Yes I think I`ll most likely be putting the number plate in front.

Is there an advantage of using the `00-`01 number plate and fender?

They changed the YZ triple clamps in '00 and it changed the top mount for the front number plate. To fit the WR you need to fab up a small bracket to pick up the top mount in either case.

I think the '00 number plate is a little more square, maybe a little bigger area for numbers. I think it looks a little better than the older version.

Heywood, I have a 00 YZF triple clamp on my 99 wr and the stock light/shroud fit perfectly. :)

Hi Bryan:

I was refering to the mounting of the YZ number plate not the headlight. I've got the 'oo triple clamp too and switch back and forth between the headlight and YZ number plate.

when you put on the number plate do you keep the odometer on and if so how?

Regarding '00 bikes......

you can use the small headlight bracket that goes on the triple clamp (the one with 3 holes ) to mount the YZ number plate.

Fix it to the triple clamp using one of the holes in the bracket, then using an adjacent hole, mount an 8mm bolt on the bracket and use it as as post/stud to fix your number plate. The bolt has to be about 40-50mm long.

Hope this doesnt sound confusing, as it's very easy to do


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Unless you can get OEM cheaper, I'd personally recommend going with Acerbis replacement plastic. The quality is absolutely top notch. And, you may find a variety of colours that WILL set your bike apart from all the other Yamahas.

No, I do not work for Acerbis. I work at a nuclear power plant :).


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CONFUSED. i do have 00WR400. the two top mounts on the triple clamp the ones you tighten from the side. and then theres one at the bottom. so you use all 3 same mounting brakets 2 at top 1 at bottom.and what brand number plate?HELP AND THANKS.

slr....I suppose that was confusing, so try this...

Take ONE of the small headlight mounting brackets (the ones that have 3 holes in). You will find these on either side of your triple clamp.

Mount an 8mm nut and bolt of about 40-50mm long onto the bracket using one of the un-threaded holes. You should now have a small bracket, with an 8mm bolt sticking out of it.

Next...using the other un-threaded hole,in the bracket, mount the bracket onto the middle hole in the triple clamp (the threaded hole meant for the top fixing on the YZ number plate), with the 8mm bolt facing upwards.

This should now give you an 8mm stud, that is offset the correct ammount to fix your YZ number plate to.


I used a UFO brand plate.

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DARREN, thanks i think i got it

Be aware that if you buy acerbis side panels there are no heat shields in them, you will have to fabricate some. the UFO side panels do have heat shields, but they don't match the acerbis plastic colors. I have had both sets of plastic on my 00 WR(I crash alot!!!), and I definetely like the UFO better.(unfortunately I have Acerbis now). Another knock on Acerbis is they don't have the metal mounting pads on the shrouds like the OE, you put the bolt directly against plastic. UFO has the metal reinforcements like OE. If you look around you can buy them for around the same price.

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