You want to hear something funny

I finally got to ride the bike for the first time since my foot injury in Moab last month.

Me and a buddy hit Rampart in CO yesterday. I unload the bike and try to fire it up. Nothing. It finally fired up with the Hot Start button pulled open. Then it would die. Kicking and kicking and kicking until I fouled the plug. Must have been 20 minutes.

so I pulled the seat and tank and plug. Put a new one in. Scratched my head. I was sure I didn't need to rejet. It has been running with this jetting for over a year. Put it all back together and just as I put the seat on, I saw the problem.

Red faced, I looked at Mike and pointed to the covered airbox. I had put the airbox lid on and taped it up for transport in case it rained. I had forgotten to remove it. Once it was removed...BAM! First kick fire up.


Excellent! I'm certain we've all done similar things in the's always good and healthy to laugh at yourself once in awhile. :)


Sounds like it was running rich! :)

i know the feeling... i bought the protapers off of my bro's cr 80 he's selling, and once i put the stockers back on his bike, i wnted to start it to make sure i didn't mees anything up (i.e. ground any of the wire out)

i kicked it.


odd. another kick


hmmm.... ????... :D

another time....with choke this time(this bike never needs choke)

wing-ding-ding-ding-ding, etc... works....why not take it for a joy ride...

give it gas...BLAH....



it keeps restarting, but won't rev or take any gas at all for that matter...

then i notice exhaust coming from around where pipe meets cylinder....shouldn't that be coming from the tailpipe?

turn around...he left the muffler plug in from last time he washed it... :) DUH!!!

took it out... started fine...ran fine....

boy was my face red!!! :D

Pulled my Polaris RMK 20 times the other night before I realized the key was off.....the things you forget when you ride a keyless bike for the last 6 months! :)

Or how about if it has been so long since you last rode your bike that you forgot that the tank was empty and kicked for 30 min.?

Try going to a race and trying to start your bike for a hour, only to load up and go home and troubleshoot. The sparkplug cap wasn't on.

How about riding home after work (midnight) on the street bike and it stalls and will not re-start. Call the wife, wake her a$$ up and have her pick you up in the truck, ditching the bike in the bushes. Next day, tow the bike home and start work on it. Pull the tank and find out it is empty of petrol. :D

Or kicking the crap out of the Honda CR250 on the way to the starting line at a local mx. Panic sets in as the bike (normally 100% reliable) WILL NOT fire. Having a Bud push the bike around to fire her off. OOPS, the petcock is off. :)

Made the start and trophied!! :D

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