Hotcam Help

Hey Guys, I finally installed my 680 kit into my xr650r today. Now Im to the point of installing the hotcam (stage 2). What Im needing to know is, do I need to remove the spring and plunger under the cam that used to go with the auto decompression on the old stock cam or do I leave it there? Also will my valve specs. be the same with the new stage two hotcam as it was with the stock cam. By the way the piston I am using is the 11:1 if that matters in any way to the questions that Im asking. Thanks for any feedback. :applause:

If the new cam doesn't utilize an auto-decompression mechanism (it does not, right?) than yes, remove the spring and plunger--they're not needed.

Hotcams specifies stock clearences for the stage 2: .006/.008

No, the new cam does not incorporate the auto decompression, so I guess i will take the plunger and spring out and button her back up tonight. Thanks for the help!

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