Front brake problem

I took a spill yesterday that messed up both radiators, right side radiator shroud, my shoulder and my front brakes. It seems their is a ton of air in the line but I don't see how since no fluid is leaking out. If I look inside the master cylinder their seems to be a circular plastic piece above the holes where the fluid goes, but their is a piece of black debris in their that looks like plastic or something. I can't take it out since their is that circluar piece in their. The brakes will get some (very little) pressure and then it drops. I have tried to bleed them but no matter how many times I do it the lever pressure never changes. Do you think I need a new master cylinder?

you most likely tore a seal on the master cylinder. you need a rebuild kit, then bleed the MC and the brake line and caliper.


Thanks for the info. I just checked and it looks to be about 25-30 + shipping for a mc rebuild kit, I may just get a new one from the TT store for 50 and not worry about screwing it up and having problems with it later. Thanks again for the info.

Another thing is if your master cylinder on your handlebars were turned upside down, you just got air in your line. It happen to me when I was changing handlebars and left the levers dangle down.


Nope, the master cylinder never made it into the inverted position, just on it's side as my bike laid there while I was tended to by the medical staff. I am pretty sure it is the seal as Matt96xr6 mentioned, the black piece of debris looks alot like a piece of a rubber seal. Thanks for that bit of info though, I sometimes let my MC hang down when changing handlebars but I might think twice if it would allow air into the line!

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