Street Legal XR650R


I live in Florida, and it is almost impossible to title a "off road use" bike for street legal use. Does anyone know which states are more flexible when it comes to titling an off road bike for street use? Please let me know. Thanks


Arizona is porbably one of them. They don't inspect the bike, just ask if you have all the street legal equipment. Brake light, tail light, headlight, horn. Don't need no battery or turn signal's like some states. If you live in Phoenix you have to emmission test it, stock carb easy to jet to get it through. :applause:

I'm in Louisiana and had no problems getting a plate for my XRR.

PM for my phone number if you need details on the procedure, I'm a lousy typist.


I live in Tennessee and it is REALLY easy to get a tag. I bought the BRP from a guy in Mississippi and the title had the model as ATV. Well I told them that must have been a typo and cause it was an XR650r. They looked that up on the internet and saw that it was a morotcycle intended for off-road use. I told them I installed all the neccessary street legal equiptment. The only thing they hassled me about is a small odometer descrepiancy. But other than that absolutely no problems getting the tag. If I can be of assistance let me know

Texas is easy as well. just need to get it dual sported out and have it inspected and have the inspector fill out what they call a green sheet (acutally yellow) stating that it meets Texas DOT standards for an on road veihicle. present that to the DMV and have title changed over to a street bike and then your golden. :applause:

Please walk me thru the procedures, or e-mail me if you could. I would appreciate this very much.

Arizona does now require you to have your bike inspected at the DMV, I was able to get my done in california just prior to the law change, however since then all the bikes that I have done for customers I have had to take them to arizona.

I did mine in January of this year. In Phoenix, Az. The only thing they where concerned about was emmissions. Just asked if it had all the street legal equipment. Prior title was ATV.

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