WR400 axial clutch housing play

I have had a tick sound that I'm convinced has been getting worse lately. So I have decided to take the motor appart and and see if I can figure out the problem. I got the clutch cover off and the outside case cover off and I noticed that there is some axial (push/pull) play in the shaft that the clutch is on. It's not just the clutch on the shaft, it's the whole shaft. It's not like it's coming out or anything, but I'm wondering if this is normal? :applause: It's got enough play that it worries me if that is not normal. Is this something I need to dig into the cases and check out? Thanks for the help in advance!

I havent had the crank case apart on this bike yet and hopefully wont have to for a few years. But I can tell you is that a shaft is not suppose to have end play. It rotates in bearings and dont slide in and out. If you can feel end play by pushing on the shaft, I would guess your bearings are shot, and definatly need to fix before it blows like a nuke. :applause:

I got the clutch housing off and the shaft slides in and out a little, but I can't detect ANY side to side play. Has anyone else run into this? :applause:

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