Riding by Incline Village?

I gone and did it...told the girlfriend a weekend was available way to far in advance. Michael (my dad) and I will be in Incline village on Nov 17-18. Unkle Moose was saing that someone acually takes off from their house in the area. If this is true maybe two motorcycles might part of the packing process :) (wives and GFs don't know yet so mums the word Kraig) :D:D

That would be Ricky Fuller. Haven't heard from him in awhile. Good rider and a good dude.


Ok so you low lifes want to use my truck but don't invite me. Thanks alot

Hey Ricky1 where are you

You always say that and then when I do invite you can't go anyway. I invited you to carnige on Sat. (anyone else interested we'll be out for a few hours in the morning)and you couldn't go. I invite you to my b-day dinner Sun night and you can't go. I'm starting to get the hint. Brian's around anyway...if we get a ride together then you guys can come up and maybe afterward we can bond on a service call or something :)

up to the top...1 week before we head up.

Hey all, I am still here. Been distracted for a while. KLX'er If it is not to late call me 530-546-7039. I am sure we can get a ride in.

Hey Ricky my nephew (KLXer) is not going to make it. Had his apendix removed last night :) Have a nice weekend.

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