Fork kit

My left tube started leaking last month and now my bike handles like shit. If I hit high speed bumps I get major head shake :applause: When im driving slow the suspension seems harsh. The only time I like em is soaking up a jump or a big bump(and you wonder how it did that)

So im gonna but this kit that has the wipers, bushings, and seals for $68 bucks and freshen up the front end.

Questions: oil wt? gold valving? new springs?

I'm on a budget and dont want to spend 1000 bucks for a small improvement, but will spend a 100 for a noticeable improvement. I dont pay for labor and will do the work myself.

What about a steering stabilizer? are they worth the money?

Thanks in advance for your experience and wisdom :D

With the money you would spend on a steering stabilizer (~$400+ by it's self), fork and shock springs, and gold valve kits, get a suspension shop to set up your suspension properly. Trust me.

It will save you alot of swear words in the long run, and posibally money.

I have found that if you go over 5w oil, it will be way too firm and just becomes harsh.

What should be first priority - replacing the seal in both forks.

Second, springs matching your weight and riding style are available online at calculator. I weigh 208# naked, and a 5.6Kg/mm and .48Kg/mm re-spring cost be $200. I am 60 years old but still in great shape, but I don't push the envelope anymore. I affirm the difference in springs was quite noticeable over stock, so if you are over about 195 # or under 155# new springs are warranted.

The Gold valve issue in my book is a fine tune. If you are riding on the ragged edge competitively and still seeing your friends/competetiors slowly pull away from you, well the suggestion paying a suspension shop the $400 is well spent.

Myself, I have replaced the springs on my new 06 WR450 shortly after buying it - peace of cake. Years ago when I raced I replaced oil seals. Do a search on how to do this on suspension forum.

Good luck, and safe riding.


PS With a little care and the right tools, I have always found the extra satisfaction of doing things myself - up to and including a complete re-build of my DT-1 and RT-1 back in the 60's and 70s.

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