'03 450 subframe on an '02 yz426

I am starting to do the 450 conversion and was hoping someone who has done it could answer a question I have. I bolted up the bottom of the subframe and moved it "in place" to the top frame mount to see where I needed to trim. Initially when I line it up the left side mount is in line with the frame and it looks like all the trimming needs to be done on the right side? Should I trim both sides equally or just the right side?

There is a little play in the subframe so I could see how doing to both ways would work but I don't want a "crooked" bike when I get done...

I am wondering the same thing, I am doing the conversion tonight. I got one response ans was told to only trim one side? When I look at the sub-frame it looks symmetrical, if so that means we need to trim both sides equally, but apparently the 426 frame attachment point is not symmetrical? I will follow this tread and let you know anything I can.

I sent a PM to someone on the site who has done the conversion, they said they trimmed the same on each side. I wouldn't mind hearing from others if they did it differently.

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