Just Sold my XR650R

Well I kinda hated to see it go but I have way too many bikes and something had to give. :D I learned a lot about this bike from you guys.The XR650 forum is one of the best I've come across.

Thanks for all the help and info.

I just listed all my extra parts on eBay if anyone's interested...there's a ton of good stuff I won't be needing anymore!

Thanks again and take care! :applause:

I just sold my XR650R last Thursday. The ONLY reason I did was to help with the purchase of a new home. I told my wife as soon as I am able to afford another bike, my XR650R will be replaced. I had a hard time dealing with it and to make matters worse the bike is still sitting in my garage for the next couple of weeks until it gets picked up.

We need a grief counseling center for Homes Split by the Sell of the Pig. HSSP hot line! :applause:

Couseling will only help so much. I went though a year of grief and sorrow when I ran to the arms of another......blue bike. :D The only way to get cured is to get another Red Beast. :worthy::ride:

I read a statistic that 3 out of 4 XR650R owners who sold their XRs ended up buying a XR again later...

ok I made that up, but I do know a few who have sold theirs to pursue different rides and ended up coming back to the BRP :D

wow! another 2+ year old thread dug up from the past!

The song remains the same then.

No way in hell mine is going anywhere! I have a feeling I will probably have this bike until I die. If the longevity of my '73 is any indicator..

The song remains the same then.

he's probably already bought another BRP!!!

wow! another 2+ year old thread dug up from the past!

Let sleeping dogs lie.

I bought a KTM 530 but still can't ditch the pig. The pig going to be in a couple BITD's this year. I really want to buy a non-street legal pig for this type of stuff.

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