Thinking about picking up a yz450 and switching to a 4 stroke finaly. i have probly 25 gallons of vp red left, is this bad to run in the engine or do i need to use it all up before i go out and get a 4 stroke?

Use it up, sell it, or burn it in your car. VP Red is listed as an all purpose fuel, but the vaporization rate is formulated for a carbureted V-8. As such, it vaporizes too slowly for optimum performance in a 4-stroke motorcycle engine with an extremely short intake tract. You would end up having to richen the jetting well beyond the level required for pump gas, or even U4, in order to compensate.

Besides, the octane is far higher than needed. A YZ450 needs no more than 91 (by the (R+M)/2 method), and good pump premium is at least that. If you want to use a race gas, get one like U4 (92 motor octane) that's blended for the purpose.

cool thanks

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