Buying a used YZ450- what tolook for?

All... I am looking to buy a used YZ 450 between 03 and 05 but am worried that I will be getting something that needs major work. Are these pretty bulletproof or are they pretty sensitive? Are the valves as questionable as the CRFs? Thanks.

NO,the yz does not have the same valve issues as the crf.These bikes are solid for the most part however you can always get the lemon! Just look at the same stuff as any other used bike,slack in the back wheel,frame under the motor,clean air box,fork and shock problems,clean oil and filter. You can tell if it is a beater,rode hard and put away dirty.Talk to the owner and get a feel of his maintenance practices.

I would check that the trans is OK by ridding it and making sure all is OK there.Most of the time all will be OK but being as though we just replaced my sons 3rd and 4th gear I am just a little gun shy.Funny how spending 600.00

will do that to a guy! We have had a lot of the Yamaha thumpers ( a 98 400 a 99 426 a 2000 426 01 426 02 wr 250 03 450 04 450 and my new 06 450 and this is the only time we cracked the cases open!

When the crf came out I just had to have one,I went out and bought a new 450 and within 5 months it needed head work so it went to Eric Gore and he did his stuff after about another 6 months same thing again this time I just put new stock stuff in it and sold it!( thats why the name crfthumper i didn't want to lose my post again so i just left it) So any way I say if the bike is clean and in good shape go for it! :applause:

I was looking at the crf's but I ca'nt afford the new models,lol. well I am looking at a 01` 426. I here these are pretty much bulletproof also. Is there anything I need to look for in particular when I go to look for it? thanks.

check for proper operation of everything. look over the linkage, make sure theres no gouges in the swing arm.

If it starts after 2-4 kicks then the valves at least are in check....see how well the current owner maintains the bike...check the frame bottom for dents and cracks at the head stay - near the oil dip stick - check oil condition, ride it and check for strange noises, see how the clutch engages and disengages. Ask for all stock parts if they have been swapped out for aftermarket. I find that riders that race are more attentive to maintaining their bikes. If you have doubts bring a buddy that has lots of 4stroke experience. :applause:

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