I need advice

Ok....here is the deal. I just bought a house and am low on funds. I need a bike but I can only afford so much. I found a pretty nice 98 wr400 street legal for 3400 or im looking at kx500. I have ridden a wr426 and i loved it. I am a big 250lb guy so i need some motor. Will i like the 98 wr? Anybody in San Diego that wants to help me check the bike out?

Thanks tcites@hotmail.com

Hey man, I'm about 230 and my YZ400 has enough punch for me. Where and what kinda riding are you doing. I live in SD also and am familiar with most of the areas. This doesn't happen to be the one that has been sitting on Poway road is it? I think you'll be very happy with the motor. Especially is you YZ time it, cut the grey wire, and jet it. That's a ton of extra power for about 4 hours of work and $20 assuming it hasn't already been done!!!!! Not to mention it's worth it for the plate alone, that opens up so much more riding areas for you!!

I found it in the trader I havent actually seen it yet. I ride desert. Octillo... Superstition....Oct Wells.... I have never ridden MX i would like to try it though. I will get more info on the bike and run it by you.


I ride mostly Ocotillo Wells and have made the run to Superstition a couple times. My YZ400 rips up the sand out at superstition and is a blast on the ride there and back through the valley. What is your previous experience? What was your last bike? During the summer I just click up my compression a little stiffer and ride the MX tracks on mine too. I actually wish I had bought a WR and just did all the same things to it that I've done to mine. (Clarke Desert tank, Yellow plastics, suspension rebuild) I think the WR has a better tranny and it has a light which would be nice. I actually would love to buy a WR and swap all the plastics, my forks and shock, my oversized front disk, triple clamps and pro tapers, and then sell my YZ. Too bad I've got other priorities right now!!

I second the above!!! If you look at my previous post you'll notice in my small list of mods was a "suspension rebuild"


Here is a pic of the bike it looks pretty clean. My first bike was a 1983 xr500 and then i went to a 1990 wr250. The 500 was fun but way too heavy. The wr250 was like a bmx bike. Lots of fun but a little light on the power. Anyway i want the best of both worlds and street leagal would be sweet.

That bike will destroy the power you had on the XR500 and will ride like your old WR250, expecially if you put on a YZ tank and seat combo. Or do like me and put on the Clarke desert tank that is pretty much the same width as the stock YZ tank but carries more.

OK, Beyond the "My bike can stop on a dime and give you 9 cent's change" stuff. Yeah the WR will PEG YOUR FUN METER.....However I should be honest with you and let you know that your 250 lb massiveness is going to require some suspension work or you'll break ol blue's back. The stock suspension is setup for a meer 170 lb mortal....You can even get away with 220 lbs if you adjust the suspension properly and stay away from medium sized jumps and better. For somewhere in the neighborhood of $350.00 or so you can have a qualified suspension tuner replace the stock valves and springs, making the beast obey your every command. The WR's power is more than adequate.

Don't take what I have said as an insult...I am a 225lb sand bag myself. The suspension rebuild made all the difference in the world. The WR and the YZ are the best dirt bikes on the market...Bar None

Bonzai :)

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