03 exhaust on a 426

I am doing the 450 plastics conversion to my 426. I am wondering if the 03 450 exhaust will bolt on, I want to use the mega bomb and they don't make it for the 426. I have a white bros E-series muffler

In most cases, an '03 system can be fit to a 426. It often requires some slotting of the midpipe mount, and is easier on systems where the midpipe is not welded to the can, and that use a band type muffler hanger.

The header is near identical, but the first thing you'll want to know is the diameter of the Mega Bomb at the outlet and how that compares to you WB midpipe.

will the mega bomb work on the 426 as good as the power bomb?? since they where both desgined for a specific motor??

if so let me know how it goes because I would like to use the mega bomb also, if it is better than the power bomb

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