lights keep blowing?

I returned back from a ride and both the tail and headlamps had blown. I changed both and they worked fine at idle, when I increased the revs the lights blew again... bike still runs fine. Maybe a silly question, but I assume the voltage rectifier / regulator is faulty. Before I buy a new one, could anyone suggest if the fault could be else where with the symptoms described? :applause:

Stick a voltmeter across the battery, see what its reading at idle and then slowly increase the revs. It shouldn't go higher than about 14.8v if I recall correctly... any more and its probably yer regulator.

Also, you're in danger of overcharging and 'boiling' your battery, could be wise to run something 12v off it for a bit with the engine off to settle it. :D

Assuming of course that nothings hanging off at the moment :applause:

Before replacing, check the cable and connector off regulator, maybe it just disconnected somehow.

Same thing happened to me. AC voltage from the defective regulator was ~17 volts under a 60 watt load. Replaced the regulator and the load voltage read ~13 volts. The new regulator fixed it.

My regulator went kaput on the first day of a 2100 mile Baja trip. The good thing was, it forced me to get in before dark. :applause:

if that is your problem i have a new 06 regulator for sale, removed it from my new bike when i put the Baja-Designs Dual Sport kit on her and modded the stator, the stock regulator won't work with that setup and the kit comes with a new one.


I had same problem. What I did I started to run lights straight from battery. I haven't had problem since.

Timo Mc

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