Please help

I've done a search on this ,but I'm still not sure.On a 00 wr400 to deoctopus you

take the cover on the left side off.This exposes a spring and diaphram.Do you totally remove both spring and diaphram?Then remove the air horn,this exposes two jets,one is a 200 the other is a 75.What do I do hear?Under the float bowl there are two small jets one is the pilot the other marked 65 is?

What do I do here?Then I plug the two lines off the left side of the carb?


The 00 WR400 doesn't get deoctopussed. The mod you are refering to is one Woody has recently described, where the driaphram is part of the vaccum advance system. The symptom seems to be a fast idle after closing the throttle.

Do a search for "Woody" for details.


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