XR Wheelie Gone Bad

Sweet wheelie lol

had a buddy do that on an old xr500 i had. he popped the clutch and over it went, put a hole in the side cover of the engine. i told him do not pop the clutch.

i did that the first time i got on my XR then i jumped up real quick to make sure noone saw me.

2 funny .

I kinda leave the wheeling for the 2 stroke 250.The big 600's are too heavy and unpredictable.BUT doing what this loser just did is deserving.

I don't know what that guy was thinking. Most of my expierence with wheelies is on 2 stroke street bikes. I know a couple of people that flipped their bikes a lot like the movie guy. I always wish I had been taping it afterward. I have wheelied my bike more than a few times both with the xr500 and xl600 motor in it, and it always was pretty controlable every time. Even the time I almost flipped it at the starting line for a short track heat race.

No Idea what his guy was doing. I have had no trouble doing wheelies on my old XR500, XR600 or my current XR400 and KTM450. None at all. I did once wheelie over backwards unexpectedly on the XR400 during the dead engine start of a hare scrambles. Looked like it was all sand, but there was a BIG rock lurking just under it about 10 feet of the start line. Got traction real quick and went over in the blink of an eye.

It's not a wheelie if your feet aren't on the pegs... what a tool. Good entertainment though.

Huh? A 4 stroke is the easiest thing to wheelie on earth, a stroke street bike or MXer is the hardest! On a big 4 stroke dirtbike you can compression brake it back down if it starts to come over. This nerd made two mistakes, first he revs a bike that has 50ft lbs of torque to the moon and dumps the clutch, second, he DOES IT FROM A STANDSTILL!!! What an idiot! At least he was wearing gear....Ill bet there are a gajillion of those XR back fneders that look just like his in landfills everywhere there are XR600s.

I have an XR600R supermoto and can wheelie it very easily...

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