Countdown to Elsinore GP is on!!!

Only 5 days untill we start the trek 1,700 miles or so westward! I'm pumped!


If you guys are interested in a little desert riding while you're out here let me know. I live in the desert off interstate 15, about an hour from Elsinore.


Good luck Darin and a safe trip.

Thanks TW.

G Lyles,

Thanks for the offer but we already have plans for the other 3 days we are going to be there. I appreciate it though. :)

Darin, You are probably on your way already but my friends refuse to let me stay home this weekend and they are forcing me to race Elsinore this weekend (kind of forcing), I'll be looking for that yellow bike of yours with "show me" plates on some type of vehicle. Im planning on racing either the women's class (with a wig) or the peewee class, this will be the only way to trophy at the "sandbagger GP". I sware I've seen half of the beginner class do a full wheelies through the whole town :)

Anyways I'll be in a white ford van pulling a ugly green trailer.

Glenn, Man we gotta hook up and go riding for sure!!!

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I'll go riding with you as soon as i figure out whats wrong with my bike. I rode out toward Ft. irwin this past Sat. and my bike starts making some weird knocking and whining noises into the ride. Power is fine, starting is normal, shifts fine. Noise didn't change over the course of 140 miles. Unfortunatly i think this noise is the sound of money being spent in the near future. I've only put 6000 miles on this bike in 20 months. Could it be wearing out already.

Are you still riding with OTBA?

Keep in touch.


Hey Dan, Actually we are leaving tomorrow night. (tues) And we will be in a short white mobile home.

Ive heard about it being the "sandbagger" race so I was sure to enter the over 30 beginner class. :) Although thats probably where I belong anyways.

I imagine we will be the only ones sporting Missouri plates so we wont be hard to find.

I will definatly keep an eye out for you. Hope to see you there.

p.s. We are only racing on Sunday.

Glenn, When I had my 98WR it began to make a "clicking" sound, it turned out to be a valve adjustment. Could this be your case? I can't imagin what a knocking sound would be, it sounds a little scary. Yes, I still ride with OTBA but I heard though the grapevine that he has reinjured his broken wrist so I think he's gonna take some time to heal.

Darin, I'll be looking for the "Milk truck" in Elsinore. I promise you that you will NEVER regret coming out to Cali to race this event. Im racing Sunday too, I'll probably race the over 35 Novice. My goal isnt to win but to wheelie the entire front street section :)



I really think at best it may be clutch related and at worst maybe a rod bearing failure. I'm feeling a pulsing sensation as well as whining. I will inspect the clutch etc. and go from there. Good luck at the races everyone. I'll let you know what happens and when i fix it we'll plan a good ride.


Dan, Im really sorry we didnt get to hook up.

My friend lives right on the lake so we just rode our bikes from his house to the race site.

Man that was a way fun race. Totally worth the drive. So how did you do? I got tons of video footage.

Shane Watts blew my mind. We like to refer to him as a android. We dont think he is really real.

Sorry you didnt get to make it either Ron. Mabye next year?

Hey, ya big dufus, how did you do? Did the Suzu, er, yellow yammer carry your sorry butt? :)

I'm just glad it wasn't my motorhome you were travelling in - after Gruber last spring it will never be the same! :D

(I think you know who this is!!)

Hey Paul, er, I mean Old but Slow. Nice to see you discovered T-Talk.

BTW: The yellow yami hauled my sorry butt as good as it possibly could. Its not my fault my right wrist is limited to half throttle. :)

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