YZ # plate and wiring?

I've got a YZ # plate on the way and I glanced at the headlight wires and didn't see where they could be unplugged and I saw the connectors mounted in the triple clamp.

? 1. I have decided that I should just cut the 2 wires going to the light and put male and female connectors there. Is there better way?

? 2. where is a good place to mount the on and off button?

I Yzed my 04 last year. Run YZ number plate. Search as you will see that lots of folks have done this mod and there are many ways to do it. What I did was electric tape the wiring bracket. Did not put in bag because I wanted it to be able to breath and eventually dry. I basically disconnected the bracket and pushed it between my forks. You cant see it. I also removed the stock odometer and run a trail tech computer instead. The on off ignition switch I mounted on the bolt on the right side of the top triple clamp. Someone else did this and it seemed like a good idea. The number plate protects it. Never broken and the bike as been put on its side a few times.

I have seen some guys - even sell them on ebay - a bracket to put the headlight on and off. But I wanted a cleaner look.

Good luck,


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