01 XR650r Rebuild Questions

I just purchased used 01 650r and the bike needs work. The bike is obviously a high-miler and I got a decent deal. It seems the previous owner did not take very good care of the bike. The bike emits some blue smoke when ran and i suspect that it is burning oil. Oil also leaks out from where the head-pipe bolts to the cylinder. This is probably a worn exhaust valve guide?

My question to you 650 gurus is do you think this bike needs a complete top , and bottom end rebuild? Should I do the valves alone? I've heard that these motors are supposed to be bullet-proof, but this previous owner did not take very good care of the bike and the oil I drained looked like black sludge.

I am on a budget, but I would like to bring this bike back into a reliable and healthy state. All input is appreciated.........Thanks

Have you done a compression check ? My guess is you need at least an upper end rebuild....don't want to do half of it only to have the other half give up...

Well I don’t have a guage at the moment… one guy said I really need a leak down tester do get an accurate diagnoses.

Does anyone have any more input for my poor bike…. I guess nobody knows about these engines since they are supposed to last forever….

Well my initial reaction to high mileage and blue smoke is piston ring and valves or valve guides, but you absolutely owe it to yourself to invest in a cylinder leakage tester AND a compression gauge if you plan to tune / modify / repair high specific output engines.

Right now we have 1 fact: blue smoke. Could be that the oil sump was over filed and oil has collected in the airbox (from the crankcase breather) and is being drawn in to the combustion chamber through the intake and carb. OR it could be rings and/or valves.

The guys on this board are great. I have learned a lot here. But you have to get them some information to work with.

I have only been into my engine far enough to lash valves and install an auto clutch, but I have read the service manual cover-to-cover and can not imagine attempting any serious engine work without the Honda service manual, so add that to your list of "must haves" if you don't already have one.

Good luck. Please post more information so these guys can do their magic.

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