99 XR650L Exhaust

Hello all, just got back into the motorcycle thing after 10 years. My son got a 125 Yamaha TTR and I just purchased a 1999 XR650L so we can ride together. Bike has 2600 miles and appears to be in excellent condition. I have a question on the stock exhaust. It looks like there may have been a baffle or something in the tailpipe. There are two cap screws in the end that do not appear to be doing anything and there are some "grinding" marks on the end. It is fairly loud and I would like to quiet it down with out much expense, just divorced. Any ideas?


Someone removed the stock baffle.

You can probably find a stock baffle from someone that's ditched their stock exhaust, or you can stick a piece of pipe in there (this is good when coupled with a turndown).

Orig. there was a piece of perforated pipe in there, wrapped with fiberglass packing.

You may be able to locate a honda ATV baffle that will fit, or the discontinued thumper-racing baffle.


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