First post & first question ?

I'm attempting to remove the evaporative canister from my 06 650L and I don't know what to do with the two hoses that go to the carb ? One goes to the top of the carb and one goes to the bottom, and they both come from the vacuum diaphragm. Thanks for the help !

Rick C


Try running a search. You should find what you need. Run (smog removal) in, search this forum. It has what you need.

Not sure about the hose going to the bottom? There are two hoses connecting to the carb that go into a "T" fitting before going to the canister; one that connects to the top front of the carb next to the intake boot which goes to the "T" fitting. The other hose wraps from the "T" fitting around over the top to another carb fitting on the right side of the carb next to where the throttle cables attach (looks like a diaphragm cap). The other hose from the "T" fitting goes to the canister. I unplugged the hose to the canister out of the "T" fitting and put a plug on the end of the fitting. The hose to the canister is called the PAIR control valve vacuum tube.

Just out of curiosity, does the hose to the bottom look like a drain hose? I know the California models are a little different.

Don't toss that stuff. California is supposed to start smogging bikes in 2007 or 8. It sucks, but you will need to reinstall the charcoal canister and air pump in order to pass. It would suck more to have to buy new ones.

Do you have any links on calif smogging bikes in 07 or 08?

I had a link to the ARB that stated a date of 4/1/07 was the target. That page is now gone and I was unable to find anything else. Perhaps they decided it was unworkable. We can hope so.

Arizona is doing some kind of motorcycle check today in the Phoenix area.

I'd still keep the air pump and charcoal canister just in case...

Phoenix metro area bikes get smogged once they're 5 model years old. They wouldn't know if you took off any EPA crap--they just look at the printout from the sniffer. A passing grade is only a few jets away.

Only California models had all that smog stuff. I went through emmissions in January with a bike with ATV title. A couple of jet changes with the stock carb passed easy. Only an idle test. T-4 exhaust. The temp workers they have working at these places wouldn't know factory exhaust from aftermarket. Only concerned about the readings.

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