Carb Needle Seat...which end first?

Help! I took my carb apart to clean it...long story...and the needle seat came out (fell out would be a more appropriate term here) :applause: ...before I could tell which end goes back into the carb body first.

My manual's picture is too hard too see well enough to determine this. It says something like the larger (maybe smaller) diameter goes in first...I don't have the manual in front of me...but they both appear to have the same diameter.

Anyone have any idea?


You may be able to see where the needle has been seating on the seat.


Pretty sure the longer end with the larger opening goes in first. Can't remember for sure. It can only be assembled one way though. It can be placed either way but only one way will allow the emulsian tube to screw in behind it. Get it in backwards and the tube won't go up/in far enough to catch threads.

Great...Thanks for the input!

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