Hand guards - Are you running Bar or Triple clamp mounts?

I just swapped from bar mounts to triple clamp mounts for my hand guards, since I swaped from 7/8" bars to 1 1/8" fatbars with adapters.

All I can say is that I should have got the triple clamp mounts in the beginning!

They are a much stronger set up, and the installation looks a lot cleaner too.

Anyone that is going to get handguards, get the tripleclamp mounts for them. :applause:

I will post pics later if anyone interested.

post those pics! i'm thinking about getting some triple clamp mounted cycra's.

Yep, come on! Put those pics on the Forum!

Triple clamp mounts will hold the guards on better and will prevent the bars from being bent back. Having said that, they do not always allow you to have the guards mounted symetrically, depending on your controls the guards may have to be mounted at different angles and it kinda looks like the bike is tweaked when you look at the front of it.

OK, I will get some photo's now!

i got the freebie handguards that came with the bike when u buy it new

im not sure if u got the same but all bikes around sydney comes with them

did u by any chance just buy the mounts themselves?

my crappy ones put up with pleanty of my lowslides on asphault(sp?)

however cannot work with protapers

more info please matey :applause:

Yeah, bark buster tripleclamp mounts from Ballards. They are $65, but you get a lot of bar end mounting stuff too.

Hang on, I am uploading pics as we speak so you can get a look at them.

Nice pics matty. They look great should be a lot stronger .(Wife has just gone shopping ) I should have enough time to order some .They should be here when i get back from finke.

Yeah, they really feel a lot stronger too. Of course I haven't tested them out yet, but should cut the trees down no worries at all! :applause:

thanx matty

ima go drive to ballards

they look awe-didly-some

Cycra Probends on t-clamp. How do you attach a photo?

Cycra Probends on t-clamp. How do you attach a photo?

Open up a photobucket account, then you can either post the picture or a link to the picture.

I post links to my pictures if they are a bit big - I just wish everyone else would do the same...........

And oh yeah, don't quote pictures. :applause:

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