clutch plate question

is it necessary to soak the plates in oil overnight or is just lubing them up real good before i put them in fine?

just smear some oil on the steel and the fiber plates the grooves in the basket, the inner hub it does not have to soak overnight. if you do a search i'm sure there is more info on this, you need to stagger the plates on reassembly,also measure the pressure plate springs on my 04 yz they were about 3/4" shorter than the limit that the manual shows.

I let them soak as I take the clutch apart. Than just out them in and call it good. Only burnt up 3 clutches in my 2003 YZ250F in 3 years.

allright i notcied that when i put the new plates in the clutch lever was real loose, I had to tighted in up quite a bit to get it where it had proper freeplay, is this just because the old plates were so worn out?

Did you put them in right??? It goes friction, steal, friction, steal and so on last one being friction.

i just put a set of barnett plates in my 450 2 weeks ago and the kit came with a note that said to make sure to completly soak the plates in the same kind of oil that you are putting into the cases for at least 5-10 minutes before putting them in.

Just a tip from and old guy but it might help you, the factory gives you an "installed heigh" and tells you the where MIN. and MAX. read the manual and measure your parts

(after washing them and drying off) and this will keep your clutch working best...


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