XR Meeting in Verona (Italy)

How'dy everybody!

The last saturday in Verona it took place the 5th North Italy XR Meeting.

We were 52 coming from different regions of North Italy.

It was possible to choose between an on-road trip or an off-road trip as XR are used as off road or supermoto.

Here you can find some photos: http://www.xr-italia.com/forumxr/index.php?topic=16511.0

Here a movie: http://motelbj.altervista.org/andrea/RadunoXrItalia2006-Valpolicella-Percorso-Off-Facile.wmv

Sorry it is in italian...


this is great...I know Verona and I recognize some pictures...it looks like you are in lago di garda and bardolino. thanks for charing these pictures.


Where are you from? I lived in Montebelluna for 4 years, working in the motorcycle industry, so the pictures bring nice memories.

Brian Price

I appreciate the comments.

We were not in Bardolino but north of Verona in Valpolicella a Valley famous for wine.

I live in a town 30 kilometers north of Milan and 30 km west of Bergamo.


Great pictures! It makes me want to back to visit N. Italy. We have family near Bergamo. It's too bad you don't have a 650R dirt bike gathering. Rudy could lead that with his 650R.

Rudy, why don't we have a N. Baja 650R gathering. I won't show up with a Honda but at least it starts with "H."


a North Baja Gathering a la 650 sounds fun. maybe after summer.

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