factory front fender?

Who makes an after market front fender that looks just like a stock fender? I just got an acerbis fender from chapparal and it looks like a ttr fr fender it has flat sides.It's ugly.is there two different acerbis fr fenders or are they all like that?

I noticed my acerbis looked a little goofy too. UFO plastic looks real good. I would go with that.

robman...what part # was the Acerbis you picked up? I purchased Acerbis part # 8361 and it's identical to my stock fender off my 00WR ? :)

scott how do you order from that site?

Bluethumper I'm not sure what # I ordered I've already trashed the raper.I'll look in to it.

Thanks guys


Go the original factory unit, I have the UFO one and its crap. It looks good but is to soft and wobbles and shakes when riding...

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