02 426 clutch grabbing

Hey everybody I've gotten some really good replies on the last couple posts I've had about my clutch issues. I am thinking about pulling my clutch cover off tommorrow and taking a look at it, but before i do i have a couple simple questions. If my clutch is grabbing..lets say 1/3 starts, where i let off the clutch and the bike just doesn't want to the slip the clutch at all, is it normal that after i get it moving, it would operate perfectly fine? Or does the grabbing usually last throughout the whole riding time? If anyone can give me more info on what exactly the grabbing of the clutch is, and what could be causing it i would greatly appreciate it. The bike does have a full hinson clutch in it, so im hoping it isnt a problem with the basket or hub...could it be something really simple like the springs? what do the springs do?

Thanks !!


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