My choke sucks back in on it's own ?????

WHY????????? What should I do???

When I pull my choke to start her up, it sucks back in.. :applause:

This began after I installed the power now and power now plus... What could be causing this to happen??

Please help and thank you all.........

Hey. I had this problem on my 03 yz250f when i got it. It turned out to be that the plastic piece that hold pressure against the choke's shaft was fatigued. Its kinda hard to explain but that is why it kept sucking back in for me. I ended up picking a new one up from the dealer for between 10 and 20 dollars. (can't really remember... it was last year). Anyways it was an easy fix unscrew the old one, and screw in the new one. Hope it helps.

I dont know why, but my 03 YZ250f did that too

My bud's 03 yz250f did it also.

Thanks guys.......I will replace it :applause:

I just thought maybe it was a result of sumthin else....

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