Need some more bling - Check this out!

I got some Honda valve stem rubbers to keep the dust / mud / water / crap out of the rims and of course a 4 pack of annodised blue valve caps from K-mart for $5.


Hey I see you have that tri-metal sprocket, How do you like it? And how did the cost hit your pocket?

Yeah, the tri metal sprocket is awesome. It weighs just a bit more than an alloy sprocket and looks way better than a crappy steel one.

They have RRP of $100 here in Australia or about $75 US dollars. I think Sidewinder in the USA was selling the exact same sprocket for $100 US dollars. They are made by Supersprox.

For the price, they are about $20 Australian more than a Renthal alloy sprocket, but last for ever.

I jus ride wit my gold teef in.

I jus ride wit my gold teef in.

Don't you mean grill! :applause:

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