WR400 Yellow plastics?

Hey Guys, I just picked up a 98 WR400. I have had several 400s 426s, both YZ and WR. This one I want to go all out on, and I like the look of the Yellow and black ones, but cant find the parts. Someone said there are YZ tanks, and fenders, and one industries used to make the graphics kits, but I cant find it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

www.btosports sells the hurricane kit for about $180. You get all the plastics.

The kit is for a 426, but you can get it to fit really easily. The holes in the shrouds need to be a little bigger but that's about it.

Clarke tanks make yellow or black gas tanks.

Everything you need, the thumpertalk store should be able to get for you. Send them an email.

Sweet, thanks.

Yes I have a hurricane kit on my yz 125 I like it alot

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