yz 426 beak locking up/ overheating

I being having problem with my rear break, its get overheated and it will lockup then after its cool down it's unlocks?? The pedal is also hard and stuck when it is happing, I take the caliper apart clean it and replace the oil but the problem did come back again after few hours riding I notice that the pedal is little higher then normal. Those any one can give me some ideas? Maybe the master cylinder is the problem?

WOW that was horrible to read!!!!!!! please read your post before posting....anyways you said your rear lever was high ( I think ) I'm sure thats what you said......You could be pressing down on ( back break lever ) it when you ride which is making it heat up or your break pads can be shot and you are rubbing metal to metal.

Sorry for my lack of writing skills! Thank you for trying to read and understand it any ways! Well I was afraid to be riding the back breaks so I was extra careful to keep my feet way when I was riding, the pads looks half life so I not sure it is the cause.

It’s possible that my master cylinder is mal functioning and keeps the oil from returning to the reservoir?

If it's not your pads....its the master cylinder. Had a similar problem on my 99 250.

thanks I will try to rebuild it this weekend

Oh I had a thought last night after I posted this...take a good look at your caliper. Make sure its not bashed, warped, burred or whatever.

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