WR vs YZ426 again sorry!


Is the wr426 a lot slower than the yz426? Is the weight a big difference? Could they keep up with or at least close to staying up with a 250 2 stroke?


Are you for real? Once again, someone comparing apples to oranges ? Can you say " 3 different bikes for 3 different tasks" ? :)

OK Dude enough already.....

The WR is slightly heaver than the YZ.....The YZ win's in the low end with more bottom end torque...The WR wins in the top end with the taller transmission. The 250 doesn't compare to either.. since there is a 176 CC power difference.

You want the WR if your going to woods ride or enduro.

You want the YZ if your going to track race.

You want the 250 if your scared of the 426 power.

End of conversation.....

Bonzai :)

well put yamakazee!!!

yamakaze, hit that one on the head. Funny $hit

Put a 200lb + rider on a WR250/YZ250 and he'll be dissappointed!!!

The WR is simply a better "all around machine" where the YZ excels in Motocross. Taek your pick , either rips, but if you buy the YZ, don't tell us we didn't tell you so about the tranny!!! They are two bikes foir two purposes-- WR--all you can eat, YZ--East some smooth MX tracks!

N_FELT, don't take it personally. Your question is just a bit vague and tends to come off as being uniformed. There's a ton of info that these guys have put a lot of effort into posting for the benefit of others. It gets a bit frustrating when a late comer appears to give complete disregard for previously discussed topics.

Definitely famaliarize yourself with the search capability of this site and do some digging on your own first (I know it takes a lot of time). Then, when you would like to get responses to a specific question, tell us a bit about where you are coming from as well. You will find that a truckload of opinions are out there waiting to by expressed and most will be friendly and helpful. :)

Come on Yama...Scared of the 426...?

I switch off with my friends WR400 all the time and love riding it, but all that power isn't as much fun as riding my WR250. The 250 is much easier to ride in my opinion. And there is plenty of power on tap..


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:<HR>Originally posted by armourbl:

Come on Yama...Scared of the 426...?

Hey Ben, I'm there with ya on that. :D

WR is definitely the right flavor.

And 250F is just the right size. :D

But, the original poster was asking about 250 class machines (i.e., 426F and 250 2 stroke).

Oh well.. (sigh)... maybe someday I'll be able to take the training wheels off of my lil' 250F and maybe then the big kids will let me play with them. My mommie is calling me...


I swap out with my friend's WR 250 all the time and I'd have to agree with mcarp...it just doesn't have the raw power that my 400 does for never ending hill climbs(you never have to downshift the 400 as long as you hit the hill in the right gear :) ). It's a great ride for any other terrain and it's a nice break to wrestle that light bike.

And yes....N_Felt was referring to a 2 smoke 250 so this WR250 comment doesn't really apply. JMO

N_FELT Welcome!!! If you are riding tracks only and weight is a factor, stay with a NEW 2 stroke.If you are over 200 lbs then get the YZ for track use. If you do general "riding" then get the WR. And if you want the most fun, get a wr and get it plated and ride dual sport rides and also you are "out of the box" when it comes to the areas that are available to you to ride. When you get to the end of one area or road, you just jump on the highway, go th the gas station and fill up, and head off in another direction. I ride with a group of guy's that live and or work in Glendora (lived there 21 years myself) and we go from Lake Silverwood to Big Bear for lunch and fuel, ride beyond there for a while, return to Big Bear for more fuel and then back to the trucks and get back with the lights on. We like 125 to 150 mile rides! Good luck with whatever you do, and if you go the dual sport way shoot me an e-mail (itsamre@earthlink.net) and we can hook up for some riding. PS we don't always go that far, but we go 40 plus weekends a year!!!

WR250?,Great bike,but not enough beans!!!(for me)Gotta have the POWER!!!(wr426 01) :) ps..You guys did a great job w/ this site!!.......Tim

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