2002 XR650R stalls with throttle is blipped

Hi guys,

I was hoping someone could shed some light a problem that I am having with my XR650R. I just purchased a 2002 XR650R from the previous/original owner and decided to do some routine maintenance (not knowing the history fully). I did the following:

1. Changed the oil (removed some metal shavings from the oil down pipe screen, which kinda worried me).

2. Changed the spark plug (the old one was more black then brown)

It is much easier to start the bike now and it seems to idle fine. If I turn the throttle normally it revs up pretty good. However if I try and blip the throttle sometimes on the second or third blip it bogs down and dies. I am also hearing ‘popping’ sounds from the exhaust.

I am thinking the bike is running either too lean or to rich, but has anyone seen something like this before? I would have thought the previous owner (single owner) had semi-decent jetting. It didn’t seem to be making the popping sounds in the exhaust before the spark plug and oil change.

Hopefully I can figure this out and look at the valves tomorrow.

I am in Canada, and was wondering if all the bikes up here came with the same jetting back in '02? Or do the dealerships tweak them before delivery (I am at approx. 3400 ft altitude).


hi It Does sound like your jetting is possibly at fault particularly as your plug was black

Is the bike fully uncorked? If so its worth checking your main jet is a *175 and Pilot jet is a 68s that ought to be fine for your altitude.

More jetting info Here


Thanks for the info. I went to the local Honda dealership and ordered the 68s. The bike was completely stock when I got it a few days ago and I am slowly going through the process of uncorking it. Can you believe the local Honda dealership wanted $45 CDN for the modified carb boot (I just cut out the rubber).

I used the site with the altitude tables to figure out the jetting I would need. I basically fell into the 168 size, but I purchased 165, 168, and a 170 today from the dealership. I will install the 170, unfortunately the 68s and the B53E needle both needed to be ordered. I might try and put the bike back together with the 170 jet and see how that effects things in the meantime.

Well here's some interesting tidbits I've learned from the school of hard kicks.

I used the jetting guides as published also. My Xr rips once I let her rip. It seems however that in slow tight stuff the guide is just way off. It's hard to jet these things for every condition but I've found that unless you're desert racing or dual sporting you might want to back off those main jets some.

I've got two 650r's both uncorked with 68s slow jets, comp needle, carb insulator, airbox and drilled tips. One has a 135 main, works great in the tight but a little lean when you're really pouring on the gas.

The other I was running a 168 main and sucked in the tight but smoked out in the open. It seems that running that big of a main in the tight stuff was flooding out the engine. It would constantly die in the worst spots you could imagine to try and kick it over. Not to mention, it was so flooded that even holding the throttle wide open wouldn't clear it out.

Could it be isolated to just my bike? Maybe, but I've got a proracer friend that just bought a new 650r and was running a 155 main with the same issues. I think the jetting guides are great but experience tells me you need to also factor in the type of riding you'll be doing and then reassess you're jetting needs.

I'm gonna try a pocketful of different mains and see if I can find a happy medium. Goodluck on your carb mods.

Just for context, i'm 250 ft elev. 95 degrees.

Hi, I was wondering how you got on with your bike as i have exactly the same problem with my HOnda XR400.

Please let me know!!

I believe, please correct if I am wrong, that no matter how well you jet the XR650R, unless you replace that carb with a pumper, you will always get bog if you blip the throttle off idle.


I believe, please correct if I am wrong, that no matter how well you jet the XR650R, unless you replace that carb with a pumper, you will always get bog if you blip the throttle off idle.


Yup ... pretty much. Train your hand to slow down a touch.

While the bike is rolling I can wack it wide open with zero hesitation, even

from real low revs. But just sitting idling the first blip will sometimes kill the

motor. This is not a 2stroke.

A pumper carb will help, but since the only issue I have is "bliping" at idle,

it's not worth the 400 bucks to me yet. :applause:

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